Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus. King Iasus wanted a son and when Atalanta was born, he ordered a servent to leave her on a mountaintop to die.  A she bear found the baby and nursed her, kept young Atalanta warm. Later she was found by hunters who raised her. The baby grew up to … More Atalanta


Meleager was the son of King Oeneus and Althea. It is said that several days after his birth that the Fates appeared to his mother and foretold his future. Clotho and Lachesis said he would be brave and noble. However, Atropos told Althea that Meleager would die as soon as a stick burning in the fire … More Meleager


Hercules was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and the mortal woman Alcmene. As you know, Zeus was a womanizer, seducing women left and right. It is unknown if he lusted, loved Alcmene because there are many different versions of Greek Myths.  In this story he took on the form of Alcmene’s husband, … More Hercules

Hermes and Apollo

Hermes is the son of Zeus and the daughter of a Titan, Maia. He was born in cave on Mount Cyllene at mid-day. . Even as a baby, he was a very talented child. He killed a tortoise, and stretched seven strings of sheep/ox gut across it to build the first lyre. He then quickly taught himself … More Hermes and Apollo

Nature Spirits

Currently I am on a retreat about 3-4  hours away from my home. I’m at this camp, living in cabins, looking at the stars, hiking, running, and sightseeing, along with friends. I can see the Little Dipper over here. Anyways, while I was hiking I was looking at a tree and heard pecking. A woodpecker … More Nature Spirits