First Generation Titans

The Titans were a race of powerful deities that were decedents of the Earth (Gaia) and Heaven (Uranus). They ruled during the Golden Age. During this time, there was a period of peace, prosperity, and stability. The begging of Zeus rule is also in the Golden Age. Anyways, there are twelve titans in the first generation, the sons and daughters of Gaia and Uranus. Cronus, Rhea, Iapetus, Hyperion, Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Themis, Oceanus, Coeus, Crius.

Cronus (or Kronos) is the Titan of time, evil, and harvest. His Roman aspect is Saturn. He is also the husband of Rhea. Despite being the youngest of this bunch, he is one of the strongest and also the leader. Kronos is by, our standards, is  evil, cruel, and cunning. He has a strong lust for power that the other Titans.

Rhea is the Titaness of Motherhood. Her Roman aspect is Ops. She is the sister and wife of Cronus and the Mother of the Gods. As the wife of Cronus, she is the Queen of Titans. Rhea is said to be the kindest of her siblings. After she had her children she was horrified and terrified that it would happen to the next one. Her love for her children is what led to the downfall of her husband.

Iapetus is the titan of mortal life and the Pillar of the West. He is the brother and husband Clymene. Much like his siblings Iapetus was cruel, arrogant, and brutal. However, he was a little less brutal than his brothers.

Hyperion is the Titan of heavenly light, fire, power, and Titan Lord of the East. He brother and husband of Theia. Hyperion was one of Cronus’s most devote followers. Like his other brothers, he was cruel and arrogant. However, he was not as arrogant as his youngest brother, Cronus

Mnemosyne is the Titaness of Memory and Time. She is also the mother of the Muses

Tethys is the Titaness of fresh waters. She is the sister and wife of Oceanus. She is also the mother of the Oceanids, Rivers and Clouds.

Theia is the Titaness of sight and sight. She is the sister and wife of Hyperion. She is the mother of Helios, Selene, and Eos.

Phoebe is the Titaness of prophecy and oracles. She is also the sister and wife to Coeus.

Themis is the Titaness of order. Some say she is the personification of order, fairnesss, law, natural law, and custums. She is also the mother to the Horae, who are fathered by Zeus.

Oceanus is the Titan of Seas and is often caled the Father of Waters. He is also the brother and husband of Tethys and the father of the Oceanids.

Coeus He is the intellect, the axis of heaven around which the constellations revolved and probably of heavenly oracles. He is the brother and husband to Pheobe.

Crios (Krios) is the Titan of Stars and Constellations and Titan Lord of the South. He is married Eurybia and fathered Perses, Astraeus, and Pallas.


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